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The Guardian: Book 3 of The Mender Trilogy


This is the third book in the Mender Trilogy. Eva was a Mender, a fixer of time, for the cult Lux Libera, but she is now living in 1836 Texas with her husband Jim, a white man raised by the Comanche, and his tribe.  She was originally sent back in time to change the course of history, but for months she has been waiting for her former partner, Tophe, to arrive.  She sets out on a journey to intercept Tophe and convince him to abandon his mission.  Meanwhile, in the midst of difficult circumstances, Jim finds himself joining the New Orleans Greys and fighting for the independence of Texas from Mexico.

This riveting series continues, as Eva tries to stop Tophe from killing the Angel of Goliad, Francisca Alavez, and changing history.  The events leading up to Texas’s Declaration of Independence, in March 1836, are portrayed so vividly that the reader feels as if they are there. Eva’s friend, Pump, is an amazing character, and he continues his important role in this series as he helps her face the truth and expand her time-traveling abilities.  The history in this third book is again so well researched, and the time-travel aspect adds many exciting possibilities. The author does an amazing job of combining historical fiction with touches of science fiction in a compelling way.  Creative twists, engaging characters, and a fascinating story make this a great end to the trilogy.  This book is not a standalone; it is recommended that the reader start with Book 1, The Mender.

A reformed assassin must choose between loyalty and justice as she tries to stop her former partner from altering history.

War has erupted in Texas, and time-traveling assassin Eva is heading straight into the middle of it — with a desperate plan.

Originally sent to 1836 with her mission partner, Tophe, their assignment was to kill the Angel of Goliad, a woman destined to save eighty men from a massacre. And things would have gone as planned if Eva hadn’t been stranded in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Instead, six months later, Eva finds herself married, pregnant, and — despite her husband’s disapproval — determined to stop the assassination. And when one of those men doomed to die becomes her husband, she will have to make the hardest choice of her life: who to save. She will only have time for one.

This thrilling conclusion of The Mender Trilogy immerses readers in a revolution where nothing is black and white.

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