A reformed assassin must choose between loyalty and justice as she tries to stop her former partner from altering history.

War has erupted in Texas, and time-traveling assassin Eva is heading straight into the middle of it — with a desperate plan.

Originally sent to 1836 with her mission partner, Tophe, their assignment was to kill the Angel of Goliad, a woman destined to save eighty men from a massacre. And things would have gone as planned if Eva hadn’t been stranded in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Instead, six months later, Eva finds herself married, pregnant, and — despite her husband’s disapproval — determined to stop the assassination. And when one of those men doomed to die becomes her husband, she will have to make the hardest choice of her life: who to save. She will only have time for one.

This thrilling conclusion of The Mender Trilogy immerses readers in a revolution where nothing is black and white.

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