It’s About time.

Time-traveling thieves and assassins. Mysterious visitors from the past and future. Historical encounters that were never meant to be. Predestination paradoxes and miraculous machines. Journeys through the ages that take unpredictable twists and turns, sending the travelers—and the reader—where they least expect.

Welcome to The Accidental Time Travelers Collective, Volume 1, featuring twelve short stories by an international group of speculative fiction authors who share a common love of time travel. Each story ventures into the realm of alternate possibilities (or impossibilities). The stories range from whimsical to technical, thrilling to uplifting. Some will make you laugh. Others will touch you in surprising ways. All offer an adventure into tantalizing futures and haunting pasts.

So if you’re ready for a wild ride, take a trip through time with us!

In the short story “Field and Flame,” a prequel to The Mender, join Tophe and Eva as they travel to an alternate 1914 Germany to prevent the invention of mustard gas.