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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2023


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When the wealthiest plantation in Austin’s Colony is raided and the owners murdered, Jim and Eva flee to Jim’s Comanche village, avoiding a vengeful mob. Eva is welcomed by Jim’s brothers and their wives, but struggles to come to terms with the atrocities she has committed in her past and to adjust to a new life, new customs, and a new moral code. As the weeks pass, she grows uneasy about her choices and her powerlessness to prevent the futures she knows are possible in this timeline.

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“In ‘Field and Flame’ by Jennifer Marchman, time travelers visit WW1 Germany to stop the father of chemical warfare…”

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The Accidental Time Travelers Collective The Accidental Time Travelers Collective
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ratings: 2 (avg rating 3.50)

Time-traveling thieves and assassins. Mysterious visitors from the past and future. Historical encounters that were never meant to be. Predestination paradoxes and miraculous machines. Journeys through the ages that take unpredictable twists and turns, sending the travelers—and the reader—where they least expect.

Welcome to The Accidental Time Travelers Collective, Volume 1, featuring twelve short stories by an international group of speculative fiction authors who share a common love of time travel. Each story ventures into the realm of alternate possibilities (or impossibilities). The stories range from whimsical to technical, thrilling to uplifting. Some will make you laugh. Others will touch you in surprising ways. All offer an adventure into tantalizing futures and haunting pasts.

So if you’re ready for a wild ride, take a trip through time with us!

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“It is surprising that this is the writer’s first-time submitting work. The writing is so clear and confident that the writer must have been working and honing their craft for quite a while.” 

-WLT Manuscript Contest Judge

The Mender

Injured and separated from her mission partner, time traveler Eva finds herself stranded in the right place, but the wrong time: 1835 Tejas y Coahuila. When she is found by former Comanche captive Jim and nursed back to health, their growing friendship deepens to an undeniable attachment. Will her conscience demand she complete her mission or allow her to marry the man she loves? And will Jim come to terms with his past and the things he did to survive?

First 3 Chapters FREE

Coming soon to Kindle Unlimited! Summer 2023
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Jennifer Marchman has worn various authorial hats, but now, after many years, she’s writing for pleasure. Her debut novel, The Mender, is a 2022 Finalist in the Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Contest.

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Making friends with the Cold… That’s my resolution this year. And I was walking through the gate of Barton Springs Pool at 5 this morning, ready to go. For those unfamiliar with Austin, Barton Springs is a spring-fed pool that is 68 degrees year-round and has served as a legendary gathering place for centuries. My main characters, Eva and Jim, even visit Barton Springs, though, of course, it goes by another unknown (at least to this author) Comanche name. I had always heard that the water felt warm during the winter. I had only ever swum there during the hottest days of summer when I could jump in and jump right back out to thaw on a blanket. But 5 o’clock in the morning is an entirely different world, and I had the pool to myself. With the darkness, the mist rising from the surface, and the downtown skyline on the horizon, the water transported me to a magical world. A sacred place. One where I expanded and lost sense of where I ended and the liquid night began.

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I was interviewed by Feed My Reads! While you’re there, check out the author interviews for some of the other Accidental Time Travelers as well: Amanda Pampuro Julie Bihn Nathaniel Swift Marc Hennemann

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Today’s release day! Woohoo! If you read The Accidental Time Travelers Collective and you like it, it would be a huge help to me and my author buddies if you’d leave a good review! If you didn’t like it, I’d actually like to know, but message me privately. Funnily enough, the sample pages in the Amazon “Look Inside” feature are most of my story — which is fitting, actually, because I argued for it to be free (I’m needing a reader magnet). Today also happens to be national “Pretend To Be A Time Travel Day.” Coincidence? I think not. Annndddd…. I was interviewed by Feed My Reads. My first author interview! Last, but not least, get your copy of the book people in the future are calling “the best collection of time travel stories I’ve ever read.”

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